Simple – Convenient – Flexible

The new way to drive by sharing the costs of use.

Our objective

You enjoy the benefits of a private helicopter without the inconvenience of management.

What is the HSClub?

Finally a club that offers you the best of the private helicopter. Share usage costs with other members allows you not only to not block your capital, but also significantly reduce your costs. Simple and adaptable, HsClub takes the model of golf clubs. We created HsClub in response to requests from customers seeking an alternative to existing costs. Several bases of operation and more machines will be made available and it will be adjusted according to the number of member. Ay now the possibility to fly different types of machines thanks to this club. Already available: Robinson R44 & R66, Eurocopter EC130/B4 as well as the Bell 505.

Is this done for me?

Several potential profiles:

  • I fly occasionallyI
  • Do not want to build a hangar
  • I want to analyze my use before I start the acquisition
  • I want only the pleasure of the helicopter
  • I agree to share my machine between very few pilotsI like the fact that everything be managed for me
  • I want to fly different types of machines (Ex: R44, R66, EC130-B4 and Bell 505)
How does it work?

By paying your initial rights, valid for 4 years, you will make your choice of membership between ” Premium ” or ” à la carte ”. Once member, you will have access to your personal account online. The reservations are made via our web platform as well as the monitoring of your bank hours and those already used. The membership ” Prime ” includes 3 hours of flight / month, it is possible to fly more by taking overtime. ”, you want according to your needs. No minimum or maximum hours of flight per year.


  • Your machine for your use by sharing property costs
  • Turn Key Program
  • Booking with our online platform
  • Permanent support (Certified Instructor available when required)
  • Presence of a HsClub manager at all times
  • Absolute security
  • No maintenance, hangar, franchise and insurance costs
  • Flying alone or with your family, you are the commander aboard
  • Daily check of the machine before and after each flight
  • You can manage your hours in bank online
  • Heated Hangar
  • Possibility to book the Machine for several days (holiday and weekends are available, certain conditions apply)
  • Invitation to HeliClub Events
  • Many more advantages with the club

A sport and a passion that must remain a pleasure above all else!

Financially, how does it work?

This is the same approach used by golf clubs. The fees are divided into three parts:
  • Initial fee to join the club
  • Monthly contribution
  • Hourly rate according to your usage (Ex: Flight hour for a R44 at 299 $ / h *)

Since we want you to make the most of the private, there will be a maximum of 4-5 members per helicopter.


Choose your membership according to your needs:


For those who want to fly regularly. (Including 3H flight)


Premium Monthly Price*.
(Fly on request)

À la carte

For those who’s use may vary. (Fly on request)


Monthly price À la carte *

And now?

Once your package has been chosen, your registration will be completed and you will officially be part of the HsClub. The only other fees will be related to your individual hours at cost. All you have to do is book your dates, your hours and your helicopter according to the availability given via your online account and you will be ready to fly your own pale … * + Taxes, + Fuel To start your registration and receive more information, fill out the document below:

Would you like to request more information?