2009 R44 RAVEN II     C-FAYQ


Availability: Immediately
TT : 630h
Place : CYHU
Serial Number: 12808


285,000 $US


Exterior Base Color: Dark Continental Blue Met
Exterior Trim: No Trim
Interior Fabric & Color: Tan Leather

Optional Equipment

RHC oil filter

Cabin heater & defogger (dual froward outlets)

Pocket for fire extinguisher

Forward cabin cover including all windows

4 point Shoulder Harness

Heated pilot

Xenon Landing lights

Observation bubble door windows (each door)

Optional Instruments

Artificial horizon, SLPSKD

Vertical compass PAI-700

Digital clock

Directional gyro

Optional Avionics
Com, King KY196A w/9 Memory Channels, Cyclic Grip Control

Garmin GPS 420 w/tj 2 com

E.L.T. Kannad 406 AF
Intercom Nat Controler
Transponder GTX 327

Kannad 406 AF

Pilot Acccessory Bar, Ipad Mount with cooler fan



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