Robinson delivers two R44 Cadets to Texas

Torrance, Calif. – On October 17, Robinson delivered two R44 Cadets helicopters (S / Ns 30006 and 30007) for SKY Helicopters, an FAA Part 141 flying school, and for Robinson’s salesman in Garland, Texas. According to SKY President Ken Pyatt, the affordability of Cadets with optional glass technology, HeliSAS Autopilot and air conditioning make it a very attractive model. The Cadet 2400 TBO is getting closer to the hourly running cost of the R22, a plus for flying schools and pilots trying to increase their hours.

The new R44 cadets from SKY helicopters are equipped for IFR flight. Both helicopters are equipped with a fully glass-enclosed cockpit with Garmin’s G500H display, GTN 750 navigator, GTX 345 with ADS-B Out / In transponder, Bluetooth for easy connection of personal devices, and Genesys Aerosystems’ HeliSAS Autopilot. In addition, everyone has a Spidertracks for real tracking and air conditioning.

“We have finally found the perfect combination of NextGen technologies available in a comfortable and reliable training helicopter,” said Ken Pyatt.

The two Cadet Squares were certified by the FAA in May 2016. The base price is US $ 339,000 and US $ 367,000 for the float version.

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