The inReach series of satellite communicators </ u> </ strong> </ h2>
Both inReach’s satellite communicators are perfectly suited for flight. inReach is a remarkable, effective and affordable way to stay in touch. With bi-directional satellite messaging, SOS alerting and reliable global coverage of the Iridium network, inReach protects and keeps you connected – even beyond cellular network coverage. Use it to update your friends or as  an SOS back-up device if the unexpected happens. Keep track of your journey and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that friends / family can locate you anywhere, anytime using automatic flight tracking and ‘ping -me locate’.

inReach Explorer:

The only global satellite communicator that has now integrated navigation with waypoints and routing.

Navigate, create waypoints, connect your trip and find your way back. Send and receive text messages. Trigger an interactive SOS.

Compared to his little brother, the device has a barometric altimeter, a digital compass, an accelerometer and more memory than the SE model.

inReach SE:

Offers the same functionality as the model in Reach Explorer for communicating text messages. Navigation and waypoints and routing is not available on this model. Inreach SE can offer GPS position, but must be coupled with a topographic processing system.

Why drivers like inReach: 

  • Very affordable tracking </ li>
  • Two-way text messaging, send and receive. </ li>
  • Act as  your flight tracking system; Real-time tracking updates include altitude, speed, and your position. </ li>
  • Satellite coverage. </ li>
  • People you designate can ping your device for real-time location updates. </ li>
  • SOS button with continuous emergency monitoring. </ li>
  • Works and pairs by Bluetooth with your iPad, iPhone  , or Android phone to enable interactive text messaging. </ li>
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