Torrance, CA – The Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS and the autopilot was approved by the FAA. This happened earlier this year on the R66 and now it’s available on Robinson‘s R44.

The R44 auto option has all the same modes and functionality as the R66. This includes increased basic stability, heading hold, altitude hold, signal tracking navigation, and guidance approach. A flight test and FAA certification ensured comfortable flying qualities and the characteristics of the reduction workload found on the R66 autopilot installation were reported to the R44.

The autopilot is now available as an option on the R44 and R66 equipped with Aspen’s EFD 1000H Primary Flight Display (VFI). PFD Aspen is a lighter display, cheaper than the Garmin G500H and already approved on the R66. The Aspen VFI fits into a standard 8-hole R44 / R66 dashboard with autopilot controls located in the avionics section. The additional buttons are located on the cyclic.


The price for the installation of this function with Aspen VFI is $ 60,200. One of several available Garmin GTN Navigator models is also required and is not included in the price above (price for GTNs varies by model).