“For the first time, on April 26 2011, the R66 helicopter landed on Quebec ground.

Patrick Lafleur is the chief instructor at Passport Helico. He and myself are back from the first R66 flight from Los Angeles to Montreal. The trip took 22 hours, with an average speed of 117 kts.

Needless to say, we were really looking forward to this flight. Ever since its announcement in 2007, the R66 Turbine has made the news, and now we could finally discover it for ourselves.

The R66 helicopter bears a striking resemblance to the R44. Same length, same dashboard, same shape: you can tell right away it’s a Robinson. However, with a cabin 8’’ wider, an 18 cu. ft. baggage trunk and 300 HP Roll-Royce turbine, it’s definitely something else!”

-Marcel Boutin-