HeliStore’s HeliClub Weekend is attracting more and more interest from common sense workshops, co-pilot, security classes and other presentations. The fun was also present this year with the official selection for the World Helicopter World Championships (WHC).

We are pleased to be able to count on the manufacturers Bell (major partner), Airbus Helicopter and Robinson, as well as the schools and partners for strengthen the interest of private owners. We received 44 different machines and more than 107 participants in 2 days, despite the bad weather forecast. Bravo! Some drivers even came by car, just for the sake of being with other helicopter enthusiasts.

What a joy to see that the passion for the helicopter motivates you so much! Next year, in the HeliClub Weekend, the competition will be more important and more difficult, we already invite the pilots to train …!

For all the participants, do not hesitate not to give us your comments to improve even more the edition of next year! If you wish to become a new member HeliClub, contact Jean-Charles on www.helistore.ca

Beur vols!